The Maciej Shaft drinking water intake was established in 1993 in Zabrze -Maciejów, as a result of the transformation of the mining Maciej Shaft, explored in the early 20th century by the former “Concordia” Mine. In connection with the termination of coal mining and the planned liquidation by the later owner, i.e. Pstrowski Coal Mine, of the underground and surface parts of the mining plant in the area of Maciej Shaft, the liquidation of the redundant shaft was also envisaged.

Mining Company DEM EX Sp. z o.o. offered the Mine to abandon this plan and, in accordance with its own concept, developed a project to convert the shaft into a water intake. The proposed project envisaged decommissioning the lower section of the shaft, and in the upper part of the shaft installing a shaft water intake fed from the Triassic aquifer crossing the shaft at a depth of about 70-80m. In 1993, the project was implemented and since then the water intake has been functioning as originally intended.

There are 2 submersible pumps (including one reserve pump) built into the shaft, discharging water to the nearby Water Station, from where, after filtering through gravel filters, it is transferred to customers. Water from the intake is medium-mineralized calcium-magnesium water with excellent taste properties and a constant temperature of about 8-9°C.

Water from Maciej Shaft is subjected to systematic physical, chemical and microbiological tests.

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