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Szyb Maciej

“Szyb Maciej” (Maciej Shaft) is a complex of structures of the former “Concordia”, subsequently “Pstrowski” mine in Zabrze-Maciejów. The history of these facilities, dating back to the beginning to the 20th century, should have ended along with the depletion of hard coal deposits in the area. And it would have, had it not been for Dr Zbigniew Barecki and Przedsiębiorstwo Górnicze DEMEX Sp. z o.o., who transformed the old mine shaft (Polish: szyb) into a deep well, and the buildings, equipment, and all the devices after the transformation fulfil new social, cultural, and economic functions. The “Szyb Maciej” complex, part of the Industrial Monuments Route, combines history with modernity, and its intensely enriched museum exposition allows every visitor to feel the magic of the former technical artistry, which became a foundation for the development of the entire region and the source of our Silesian identity. It cultivates mining traditions, which in the “Szyb Maciej” complex coexist with modern design and a restaurant boasting a prominent place on the gastronomy map of Silesia; it is a place where you can enjoy delicious food accompanied by the best drinks and good music.

Szyb Maciej” is the only place in the Province of Silesia which is at the same time part of the Industrial Monuments Route and “Silesian Tastes” Culinary Route. Don’t miss us!

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  1. Shaft tower – signalman’s station
  2. Level 9.60
  3. Szyb Maciej Restaurant
  4. Galeria Szybu Maciej
  5. Bistro Maciej
  6. Visitors’ centre
  7. Engine room
  8. Switch room
  9. Steam engine
  10. Water station
  11. Ventilation duct – water intake
  12. Stage by the overpass
  13. Square by the overpass
  14. Barometr
  15. Water power engine
  16. Concordia Mine History Trail
  17. Summer garden
  18. Fortune bell
  19. Maciej’s Water
  20. Slag heap
  21. Playground
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Creation of Concordia and Amalia coal mines

(1801, 1841)

1801 1841 1872 1922 1926-1973 1973-1997 1991-obecnie